Out with the old, in with the cold

What’s in fashion this winter? Find out here.

Whip out your North Face this winter. Not only are ski jackets good for the weather because most styles are lightweight, they are cute paired with jeans and boots.
Why just settle for long sleeves, when you can have sleeves that extend past your fingertips? The perfect alternative to gloves, the extra-long sleeve could be casual paired with jeans and winter boots. For a dressy look, paired with a skirt, stockings and knee high boots will turn any head at an event.
Puff coats are officially cool this season. From shiny leather to faux fur, the puffer jacket is stamped as a go to this winter.
Not looking forward to putting away your cute sundresses? Wear a turtleneck. Not only is it cute, but you have doubled your winter wardrobe. If sundresses aren’t for you, a cami over a turtleneck is just as fashionable.
Bringing the 90’s back into your wardrobe, the platform boot is always a head turner. This winter, paired with a sweater or turtleneck is what’s in.
Velvet is a popular pattern this winter. Velvet anything looks good on anyone. This winter has not been the easiest. Some days it’s cold and some days it’s time to bring out the short sleeves. With this unseasonably cold winter, the patent trench coat is a definite go to. Since it’s lightweight, it won’t overheat and will still be able to provide warmth on the off days.
Leggings give a very cozy feel to an outfit. Paired with an oversized turtleneck and winter boots will show that it’s good to wear leggings and embrace the comfy look.
The color of the season is a fire engine red, which serves as a great pick me up on drab winter days. Coats are a great way to incorporate this season’s color into your wardrobe. If this bright red doesn’t suit your fancy, you could lean towards a darker tone, like burgundy.
A slouchy boot is great way to bring back the 70’s into your wardrobe. It can be worn as a day or night shoe and is a good pair with stockings and a cute skirt or casual skinny jeans.

Boys, if you’re looking for a nice coat to wear this summer, purchase a puff coat. The puff coat is good paired with anything.
Scarlet is what’s electrifying the men’s wardrobe. A scarlet sweater or jacket paired with jeans or khakis will serve looks this season. If scarlet isn’t your color, burgundy serves as a great substitute.
Fur is also what is popular on the men’s runway. This season, the 70’s is coming back in style and what better way than to bring it back with than a fur coat!
Fashion is becoming more and more urban this year, so the tracksuit is a great statement. Any tracksuit with a nice pair of sneakers will look nice on anyone.
Classic striped shirts and sweaters are always fashionable, but pants, jackets, coats and other knitwear will serve looks.
Flannels are also always in, but small plaid on suits, jackets and trench coats give a very sophisticated look to any men’s closet.
Several fashion shows have shown that velvet is a very great pattern this season. Men wearing velvet is very uncommon, only if a man wants to go all out should he wear it.
Whether the bomber jacket is shiny or covered in leather, it’s good pop to complete a nice outfit this season.
Slacks are back! There have been major improvements to the stuffy suit, including patterned ties, oversized button downs and of course, red.
Another thing that’s being brought back are cuffed jeans. In the summer, they’re great for showing ankles with sneakers. In the winter, pair them with nice boots, it will bring a nice edge to your outfit.