Volleyball players commit to D1 schools


  The Broughton volleyball team has been good for many years, and this year was a great one, as the team had five seniors commit to division one programs, the most commitments from a team in Broughton’s history. The group of Holli Smith, Grace Youngblood, Nan Parrish, Alden Willis and Claire Sawyer are the five players whose hard-work has truly paid off . These five players have been leaders on the team for all four years, and will all be taking their leadership with them to the collegiate level.

  The five seniors received praise from one of their coaches, Drew Herminsan, for their relentlessness and will to become great. “This shows how hard work and dedication can pay off, and if you are passionate about what you do, you can achieve your goals. These girls have worked hard for four years, and with their win-loss record, they achieved the ultimate prize of playing Division One volleyball.” said Herminsan

  All five of these girls have committed to division one volleyball teams with Smith committing to Appalachian State, Youngblood committing to the University of North Florida, Parrish committing to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Willis committing to Jacksonville University and Sawyer committing to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

  These girls commiting to these schools is a monumental accomplishment for Broughton High school. This is the most commitments from one team in Broughton’s history.