Statewide Thespian Festival

  This past weekend, Broughton’s Theatre Arts program took a trip to Greensboro for the Statewide Thespian Festival. Students put in tons of work to set up their performances for this big weekend, but it was worth it as many students received great marks for their individual events. Broughton was even touted as one of the ‘audiences favorites’ for their student directed acts.

The awards included:


Senior Robbie Norton (Sound Design) –Critics Choice (Best in the State); Sophomore Ariana Ellis (Costume Design); Junior Elizabeth Rotchford (Monologue Performance); Sophomore Madelaine Epstein-Nelson; Junior Ben Reilly (Duet Scene)


Junior Noah Cummins (Monologue Performance); Freshman Spencer Giles (Monologue Performance); Senior Alex Levine (Monologue Performance); Sophomore Madelaine Epstein- Nelson (Monologue Performance); Senior Sally Cummings (Solo Music Performance); Junior Ben Reilly (Solo Music Performance); Senior Sarah Mueller (Playwriting)