CAPS Baseball

Strike three, you’re out!

 The baseball team hopes to be hearing a lot of these while on defense this year. The team is led by senior Warren Grady, and junior captains Harrison Hemric and Kyle Ehlers. The team is coached by Jere Morton, who is in his first year as the varsity coach and was the previous JV coach.

  Due to his previous coaching job at Broughton, many of the players cherish and enjoy Coach Morton as they were coached by him when they played JV.

  “I think he’s very knowledgeable about the game of baseball and a great mentor in life as well,” junior Miguel Magallanes said.

  You may often see or hear the team smiling and talking while at practice. They understand the importance of having fun while also working their hardest every day. This is why the baseball team consistently has a big roster.

  “I enjoy this team because I like watching players around me grow and get better day by day while developing a strong team chemistry” senior Henry Sloan said.

   As for goals, the team has its sights set pretty high.

   “The team’s biggest goal is to make the state playoffs we haven’t done that since 2014,” senior Warren Grady said.

   “I think the team is going to be a lot better this year and I believe we have a real shot to make it far into the playoffs” junior Jackson Highsmith said.

  However, making the state playoffs won’t be a walk in the park. The team faces off against many in conference opponents that consistently have good records. “I think the hardest team we will face this year will be Leesville. They always have a lot of talent and our games with them are always fought until the end,” Highsmith said.

  With good teams come great players, and Broughton has no lack in talent. Next year, Warren Grady will play baseball at Sewanee: The University of the South.

  This commitment encourages many other people on the team to play baseball at the college level, but they first all want to enjoy their time at Broughton.

  “I hope to play in college, but I’m most concerned about playing where I am right now,” Junior Harrison Hemric said.

  In pre-season the Caps beat East Wake 6-1 and Cary 6-0.