Hawks to retire alum’s jersey

Peter “Pistol Pete” Maravich is a name you’ve most likely heard or seen if you’ve ever taken the long walk down the Hall of Fame in the Holliday Gym.
Well known for his flashy ball handling skills and creative play style, he has left his mark on the sport of basketball and has inspired kids all over the world to play basketball.
His legacy has been left not only at Broughton, but also in the collegiate and professional levels.
Maravich grew up in South Carolina, but moved to Raleigh when his father took over a coaching job at NC State for basketball. This is where he finished his high school career, at Broughton.
It was at this level where his nickname was born. After his sidearm shot that resembled him holding a pistol or gun at his side, he became famous, and quickly earned the name “Pistol Pete”.
After an amazing career at Broughton, Maravich went on to play for his father, Press Maravich at Louisiana State University, there he broke the college basketball scoring record by scoring 3,667 points in his four year tenure at LSU. Maravich still holds the all time college scoring record for Division I today.
A couple years ago, Doug McDermott of Creighton University came close, but was not able to dethrone Pistol Pete of his record. This record was broken years before the 3-point line went into effect.
After college, Maravich turned to professional hoops and was selected by the Atlanta Hawks with the third pick in the 1970 NBA draft.
After four successful seasons and three trips to playoffs with the Hawks, Maravich was traded to the New Orleans Jazz. During his time with the Jazz he battled injuries, which would limit his games and caused the Jazz to struggle. In Maravich’s last season he was picked up by the Boston Celtics to team up with rookie Larry Bird. In Boston, Maravich helped the team post a league leading 61-21 record and ended up making the playoffs, making it Maravich’s fourth time reaching the playoffs.
During the 1976-1977 season, Maravich led the NBA in scoring, averaging 31.1 points per game.
Maravich has his jersey retired for the New Orleans Pelicans, Utah Jazz, and also at Broughton, but in 2017 Maravich’s #44 jersey will be getting retired by the Atlanta Hawks, the team that drafted him out of college and where his professional legacy began.
His lasting impression for basketball will never die. His record still stands today and is a true testament to his accuracy and dominance as a shooter.
Some of his most esteemed accomplishments entail: a 3 time 1st Team All-American at LSU, Naismith Player of the Year in 1970, 5 time NBA All-Star, and he was the youngest player to ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Pistol Pete died after collapsing from a sudden heart attack in 1988 in California. He had just finished a pickup game.
Although Maravich’s career was cut far too short, his impact on the game will be remembered for generations.
Maravich is the most prominent athlete to ever come out of Broughton. Although he did not attend for all 4 years, his time in Raleigh was influential and people recognize his lofty accomplishments while at Broughton.
He will serve as a reminder to all aspiring basketball players in the area to overcome adversity and that hard work and good work ethic can result in a lifelong career of greateness.