Top 10 Viral Dance Videos


Every year, new viral dances sweep the nation for a couple of months. Most fizzle
out but some are immortalized forever. When adults think of dances they may
think of the electric slide or the twist. Here, I highlight some of the best
dances of the younger generation’s childhood, and some that are generally new to
most people. These are all subjective of course, but not many people can argue
that all of these are worthy of the credit they deserve.
1. Hit Dem Folks (2015)
@Shelovesmeechie perfected this dance and everything surrounding it.

2. Crank Dat (2007)
YOOOUUU Soulja Boy tell em! Hearing these lyrics instantly turned you
into the hypest student at school.

3. Jerk/Pin drop (2009)
Jerkin’ ain’t dead. If you could pin drop you instantly gained 10 friends.

4. Dab (2015)
Created by Migos, made famous by Cam Newton, this dance is an instant
classic anyone can learn.

5. Dougie (2011)
The way to get any date to a middle school dance is hitting a mean dougie.

6. The John Wall (2011)
Raleigh be the city where we like to do the dance

7. Stanky Legg (2009)
No person over the age of 25 knew what this dance meant.

8. Gangnam Style (2012)
Although no one could understand the lyrics, it’s still one of the most viewed videos
ever on Youtube. Oppa Gangnam style, op op op.

9. Whip/Nae Nae (2015)
No better way to embarrass yourself then doing this dance in public.

10. JuJu (2016)
Honestly my least favorite dance of all time. I would rather stand in the DMV
all day.