Juniors, want to travel next year?

Want to travel the world, but don’t know exactly how to pay for it?
The Broughton Travel Fellowship is a foundation to help students travel over the summer for free.
It was created by Will Clayton, a 2007 Broughton graduate and student body president.
He now resides in Dallas but still has a passion for his alma mater and helping current students.
On Monday, January 31, Clayton presented details about the Fellowship to ESL and foreign language juniors.
Applications for the Fellowship opened February 1st and are due by March 1st at midnight.
Clayton created the Fellowship because of a life changing experience he had through travelling the year before college and he wanted the same opportunity to be available to everyone.
Clayton thinks that everyone should have the opportunity to travel to any place that they want to around the world and that money should not be the reason that they don’t go.
The Fellowship is directed to those students who could otherwise never dream of going on a trip like this because of their financial situations.
Through the Broughton Travel Fellowship there are three different kinds of trips that students can embark on.
Students can go on an outdoor adventure, volunteer abroad, or design their own adventure.
The outdoor adventures include activities like hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing and more.
The volunteer abroad trips take place around the world and each student gets the opportunity to stay with a family from the area.
The activities on the volunteer abroad trips include things such as teaching English to kids.
The design your own adventure trips are more complicated and less common, but equally fun.
Students can design a trip based around anything they want to do and they get to design their own budget and activities.
Last summer four students from Broughton went on trips around the world through the Broughton Travel Fellowship.
These trips are only available to a select group of students.
To apply, you must be a junior who demonstrates financial need and academic, as well as extracurricular, achievement.
However, the program is less worried about your GPA than they are your effort and potential.
The Fellowship is now open to students all over the community instead of just Broughton students.
Last summer four students from Broughton went on trips through the Broughton Travel Fellowship.
Keep in mind that this foundation is offering an all-expense paid trip to a new place where you can gain experiences that can change your life.
Applications are available online at www.broughtontravelfellowship.com or students can pick one up in the main office.
If you have any specific questions that have not been answered yet, please direct them to [email protected].