New year, new tardies

Being sluggish in the morning and not excited for class is common among high school students, but sometimes this feeling of lethargy can cause tardiness in regards to school.
After an increase in the number of students coming to tardy sweep, the school decided to implement a new tardy policy in order to motivate students to get to class on time.
Instead of simply punishing the students who are late to class, now students who are on time can be rewarded for their attendance.
By having no tardies, underclassmen will receive five bonus points to be used in any class, and upperclassmen can choose between five bonus points and extra time for lunch on a specific day.
At first, upperclassmen were told they could only receive extra lunch. However, once juniors and seniors expressed their want to choose between the two rewards, the tardy policy was amended to include five extra points for them.
Seniors who choose to get extra time for lunch receive 25 additional minutes whereas juniors receive only 15.
January 30 was the first day tardy-free students could use their rewards.
Also, students now receive a warning up until their sixth tardy, and after that, they have to attend after school detention.
If students get an eighth tardy, they get suspended.
Students are really liking the new policy and are working hard to get to class on time.
“I really like the new rule, and it helps me push to get to my class as quick as possible so that I won’t be late. The points are very important to me because they could very easily be the difference between a whole letter grade,” sophomore Davis Wilson said.
Broughton is one of the only schools in Wake County to reward their students for attendance.
The school is hopeful that the change will be positive and push kids to keep their attendance up.