Farewell, Treibs


For the past three years, many AFM and Math I students have had the pleasure of being taught by Mr. Chris Triebel, known to his students as “Triebs”.  On April 8, Broughton had to say goodbye to Mr. Triebel, who moved on to a different employment opportunity. 

“Triebs made class fun. Every time I walked into class I looked forward to learning and his sarcastic humor. I was truly devastated when I heard such a great man was departing from Broughton,”  junior Jack Holloway said.


Triebel got his start as a teacher back when he lived in Illinois. Fresh out of college, he worked in private companies for six years and then decided to try out education.


“[I moved into education because] I had the opportunity to train new employees in my previous jobs and I really liked it. [I also] had the desire for professional growth and development; the opportunity to do and learn something new. So I made the move into teaching high school and I really feel like I have gotten the opportunity to grow and develop as a person and as a professional,”  Triebel said.  


After living and working in Illinois for such a long time, he and his family moved to North Carolina and started teaching at Broughton.


“My family and I moved to NC three years ago and we love it. We have no intention of moving, ever. Broughton has been very different. It has a lot more tradition and culture than any school I’ve been a part of,” says Triebel.


This month, Triebel will make the transition from education back into working for a private company.


“The company I’m going to work for does benefits consulting. They prepare and create benefit plans for employers. The team I’ll be leading does underwriting which is basically analyzing data to calculate risk factors. What I’ll miss most about teaching is my students. The best part of this job is being able to watch students grow,” Triebe saidl.


It’s safe to say that Mr. Triebel made his mark here at Broughton. On his last day, his 4th period AFM class insisted on throwing him a goodbye party, which was a huge success.

“Triebs is a super cool teacher whose class I always looked forward to. He’s always really enthusiastic about teaching and clearly has a passion for it. RIP in peace,” junior Michelle Cole said.