Listen up freshmen

Now that the snowy days of winter are over, and spring has finally sprung, students are settling in for the long haul of the school year. That means freshmen students are being presented with the stressful situation of registering for classes for their first time. Registering for classes can be confusing and include difficult decisions that could determine how the rest of high school plays out.

  Some students are very confused about registration and are going through what most other freshmen have felt at one point or another.

  “I feel very frustrated and it’s hard to know what to sign up for, because the same class may have three different names and go under different categories,” freshman Tyleam Edwards said.

     Even with confusion, most students feel excited about all the options they have available to them.

  “I’m definitely very excited about registering because there are a lot of cool things I can do. It’s kind of fun but also a little intimidating with all of the options,” freshman Austin Deck said.

  With all of these new classes, students feel like the future is wide open, and there’s a wide variety of things they can do.

  “I just signed up for my class and I am nervous about which classes I am getting. Now that I’m in high school there are more things I can do and different paths I can take with each elective,” freshman Michael Lorenz said.

  Now that most freshmen have completed health, and certain restricted electives such as newspaper and yearbook now open to them as sophomores, there is more flexibility in their schedules.

  “I think that yearbook and newspaper would be really fun to do, so I’m glad that I can sign up for those classes,” freshman Beckett Waters said.

  With new classes come more responsibilities and harder curriculums, as most sophomores will get a taste of what’s to come with AP classes and college level work.

  “AP classes are a little scary, but I am up for the challenge, and it will help me get ready for junior and senior year,” freshman Chaise McMillan said.

  No matter what classes the register for, these freshmen are finally taking their first steps towards becoming sophomores, and moving closer towards graduation.