Walk for Water

After the two-hour round trip, with sweat covering their bodies, spending half of that time carrying water on their forehead, exhausted African women set down their water, only to repeat the journey again tomorrow. African women must do this every day just to provide water that may not be clean for their families to drink, bathe in, and cook food in.

  Walk for Water is an event hosted by Broughton, so that students and members of the community can experience what it’s like to have the burden of providing this essential, yet taken for granted, commodity for their families. Created by Mackenzie Dion, this event hopes to raise over $7500 in donations to Global H2O, a non-profit that builds wells in rural Uganda.

  “Water is essential to life, yet millions of people do not have access to clean and reliable water, which has countless negative effects on these people. We are extremely privileged to have clean water, and this event is created to improve a village’s quality of life, and to show how far the average woman in Africa must walk to collect for her family, that they can’t trust to be safe,” junior Mackenzie Dion said.

  The event will be on Saturday, April 23 on the Broughton track, and there will be a family walk and a team/individual walk. There is a $20 registrations fee which will serve as a donation and earn you a t-shirt, but everyone is encouraged to donate more.

  “This will be a fun and family friendly event with food trucks, music and education, and we hope to unite our community in providing a meaningful perspective of what others must endure to obtain a necessity for survival,” Dion said.

  Everyone is welcome to come out, as Broughton hopes to provide yet another opportunity to support causes that need help the most.