We’re all in this together


  Broughton’s Theatre Department has already begun to bop to the top for the spring musical.

  This year’s spring musical will be “High School Musical”, and the play will be performed Thursday, April 14 through Saturday, April 16.

  High School Musical is a beloved childhood movie for almost every student at Broughton. High School Musical, the movie, came out on Disney Channel, every elementary schooler’s favorite television channel, in 2006. High School Musical struck the hearts of kids two more times, with a second and a third movie coming out later on. These three movies were what every child desired his or her high school career to be like, and the movies have stuck in students’ hearts through time.

  The movie featured the typical high school romance between the popular jock, basketball star Troy Bolton, and the new, pretty girl, Gabriella Montez.

  The musical will be the same as the first of the “High School Musical” series of movies. Lead roles will be the same: Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, Ryan and Sharpay Evans, and more.

  Senior Tex Lindsey will star as the musical’s main male character, Troy Bolton. Sarah Mueller will play as teenage heartthrob from the musical, Gabriella Montez. Carly Grissom and Bryan Bunch will star as the sibling duo, Sharpay and Ryan Evans.

  “We wanted to do a contemporary musical that would have broad appeal for performers and audience alike,” drama teacher Julie Florin said.

  Tryouts were hosted on Wednesday, January 6 and Thursday, January 7, and callbacks occurred on Friday, January 8.

  Broughton students are looking forward to seeing one of their favorite movies from childhood as a play.

  “I am so excited to see “High School Musical at Broughton. It will be so fun to see one of my favorite movies on the stage in the Dianne Payne Auditorium,” Martha Vann Alford said.

  “I love that students know this musical so well, yet we will put our own mark or twist on it. Look for a sing-along at the bows,” Florin said.