Travel fellowship


“The Broughton Travel Fellowship is about taking students to new places. It is a multi-week, fully-funded summer travel experience. Anywhere in the world.”

  Established in 2013 by Will Clayton, a Broughton alumnus, the Travel Fellowship is a fully-funded international trip for juniors during the summer before their senior year.


  “Applicants may select one of several offered trips or propose their own experience. All juniors deemed financially in-need are eligible to apply for this grant worth up to $6,000 and a summer worth of memories.”

  Students can apply at or pick up an application in the front office.  Up to four juniors will be chosen of the applicants to embark on this unique opportunity.


The trips are intended to be four to eight weeks long, and all food, passport and travel costs are accommodated. The trips are usually organized through Fellowship partners:

the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS).


  “If you choose to “Design Your Own Trip,” your adventure will be exactly as you design it. It will not be supervised by a Broughton Travel Fellowship sponsored partner. Any supervision or arranged activities must be planned by the Fellow.”


This trip will cost the student $0.  There is no GPA or language requirement.


  In the summer of 2015, senior Olivia Barefoot traveled to the Himalayas in India and senior Joyce Pagan camped in Alaska. You can read Crystal Gotay’s journal entries from her 2014 trip to Guatemala on the Fellowship website.


If you have any questions email [email protected].