Stirring up trouble

  As temperatures drop, many Broughton students can be found at or around the Starbucks at Cameron Village sipping hot drinks. But this holiday season there’s a new twist: the special seasonal cups are plain without any pattern.

  In the past, the holiday edition Starbucks cups have been decorated in symbols of Christmas, but this year they are a plain ombre red. While I think this is an unimportant change that really shouldn’t matter, many people are offended. When evangelist Joshua Feuerstein published a video claiming that Starbucks’ simplified cup is sacrilegious and wrong, this silly debate became even more red-hot than the cups themselves.

   “Do you realize that Starbucks wanted to take Christ and Christmas off of their brand new cups?” That’s why they’re just plain red.” Feuerstein said in his video.

  Feuerstein then went to Starbucks and ordered a coffee, telling the barista his name was “Merry Christmas.” This way they had to write “Merry Christmas” on his cup. He posted about it on social media, hoping that others would do the same.

  It was his own childish attempt to trick Starbucks.

   Other ultra-conservative and easily offended people have done the same, just like Feuerstein hoped. They have even created the new hashtag, #merrychristmasstarbucks.

  Personally, I question why we even care about a change in the Starbucks’ cup design. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about bigger problems like world hunger, terrorism, and global warming?

  As for people like Feuerstein, I believe many of them are just trying to get attention.

  Others Broughton students seem to agree.

  “I think it’s stupid that people are debating about it because it’s just a cup and they’re gonna throw it away when they’re done with it,” sophomore Erin Wadsworth said.

  “It’s just a cup so it really shouldn’t matter,” freshman Kawanda Brown said.

  The holidays are about spending time with family, not arguing over a simple cup. Just because Starbucks is using a new minimalist design doesn’t meant that they are try to defy religion, they might just be trying to keep up with the times.

  Across the internet and on social media, some people have agreed that the Starbucks cup is really no big deal, inventing the hashtag #itsjustacup.

  Within a few months no one will even remember the red cup. Hopefully the world will move on to bigger and better things.