Simulation teaches students



Orinthia Baker tries out the simulation that shows students what it’s like to text and drive.  Jen Guzman tests out a drinking and driving simulation.

The Save a Life Tour came to Broughton on Thursday, Dec. 10, and showed students the dangers of distracted driving.  The student body watched a 40-minute program that presented facts and statistics of driving while texting or under the influence of alcohol.  Afterward, some classes went to the small gym, and students experienced the effects of distracted driving on a simulator.  One of the simulators had a cell phone attached that sent random messages like “What do you put on your pizza?”  “What’s your favorite color?” and “What color are your shoes?”   Once distracted by answering the texts, the driver crashed and a crack appeared on the windshield.

Drivers had less control over the simulator in the drunk driving experience.    The simulator delayed the driver’s reactions to stimuli, and often the driver would crash into another car, a building or a person.