2016 QOH court announced

This year’s QOH court was announced on Wednesday, December 2.

The Freshman Court has five members, sophmores have six , Junior’s have eight, and seniors have 12. The student will vote again next Tuesday to determine the Queen and Maid of Honor.

Freshman Court: Anna Parker Bond, Mia Craig, Pippa Dunne, Ella Dyer, Greer Eckard

Sophmore Court: Isabella Devivo, Zavia Dickerson, Hannah Gray, Grace Hopkins, Abby Manring, Holly Smith

Junior Court: Skylar Fisher, Sydney Harris, Wooten Joyce, Brinn McNutt, Ryan Murphy, Reed Proctor, Emily Reece, Zaniyah Upchurch

Senior Court: Elizabeth Bunn, Wynn Burrus, Jada Coleman, Destiny Dupree, Logan Francis, Ella Gilliam, Lily Highsmith, Daisy King, Isabel Perry, Lily Revels, Lily Schneider, Oshaela Wilkins-Peebles

The young women have the honor of upholding a legendary Broughton tradition. Every year, the ladies of the court ask a person of their choice to escort them, are presented to the school at the Queen of Heart’s assembly, and are honored with a Queen’s Court brunch on the day of the dance.

Thie year’s assembly is on Friday, February 5, with the dance the next day.