Appreciation for some often-overlooked athletes


Cheerleading is a sport often overlooked when considering the multitude of athletic teams at Broughton. However, these athletes ought not be forgotten.

  “Last year we had a very successful competition season, winning the title of the top cheerleading team in the county,” senior Logan Francis said.

   These athletes compete almost year round, a testament to their athletic prowess.

   “Unlike every other sport, our season lasts from August to March. It gets tough to have such a time consuming commitment all throughout the year, but having such awesome teammates makes it worthwhile,” Francis said.

  Time consuming, indeed. Cheerleaders’ practice schedule consists of three hour practice sessions twice a week, in addition to a tumbling session. Not to mention they are present at every football and basketball game throughout the season.

  “My least favorite aspect of cheer is the time commitment. We condition over the summer, cheer through football season, cheer through basketball season, and compete in between December and the beginning of spring,” junior Alexis Parker said.

  “During competition season practices last longer,” senior Katy Powers said. Such a long schedule would be daunting for most.

   “You would think performing for two whole seasons would get old but by the time we get to November, the basketball team never fails out have an outstanding and exciting season so it never really gets old,” Francis said.

   Parker has similar feelings, “Cheering for two seasons does not get old to me because the sports are very different. Cheering for a football game requires cheerleaders to be up on their feet. For basketball games we are not required to do as much since we share the floor with the basketball players.”

   Many of the team members cite their close bond and friendship as what pulls them through their long seasons.

   “Our team has a very strong bond. Most of the senior class has been together for all 4 years and has been very close. We don’t have very much drama and I consider them my second family,” Powers said.

   “The relationship between my teammates and me is incredible. We all get along so well,” Francis said.

  “My favorite aspect of cheer at Broughton is coming to practice everyday and being encouraged by my teammates. We work to help one another and are constantly working on new skills,” Parker said.

   This special relationship has translated to success in competition. This past spring, the cheer squad took home first place Grand Champions at the county-wide competition.

   “My favorite cheer memory is when we won Wake County Grand Champs last season. We went into the competition as the underdog so none of us expected a win, let alone the whole thing,” Francis said.

   Many of the cheerleaders have different strengths and weaknesses. Powers enjoys stunt work because she can see noticeable improvement throughout the year.

   “My least favorite thing, though, is tumbling. For me the scariest thing in the world is flipping upside down,” Powers said.

   In all of the challenges they face, Coach Marge Elvers is a constant source of help to the girls.

   “Without my coach, Marge Elvers, we cheerleaders could not do all that we do. She has trained us physically and mentally to be great athletes,” Parker said.

   “I’d like to thank our magnificent coach Marge Elvers for being such a powerful and influential character in all of our lives,” Francis said.

   While cheer has been an important part of many of the cheerleaders’ lives, some say they are ready for a change in college.

   “I have considered cheering in college, but decided I would rather try new things and join clubs that I wouldn’t be able to join if I did cheer. I also look forward to going to games and being in the student section,” Powers said.

   Powers asks a request of the student body: “We want more students to come to the games and support the Caps.”

   Consider this when deciding whether or not to go out and support your classmates one Friday night. You could be supporting two sports, not just one.