Prom preview

Broughton will host its prom on Saturday, April 25 for junior and senior students and their guests. The dance will be held from 9 pm to midnight and will be put on by the junior class.

This year, the theme of prom is Arabian Nights. The dance will include Middle Eastern styled decorations and an Aladdin-like atmosphere.

“As a junior class council, we chose the Arabian Nights theme for prom because we thought it would provide a fun atmosphere for the dance and incorporate unique and diverse decorations,” junior class council member Cameron Champion said.

“I am so excited for prom this year. I can not wait to see the Arabian Nights decorations because I think they are going to look really cool,” junior Joseph Winstead said.

In addition to Arabian Nights decorations, this year’s prom will feature DJ Animal to provide music. DJ Animal has served as the DJ for several Broughton dances in the past, and students always seem to enjoy his music.

Each year, Broughton juniors host prom for the senior class. During the months leading up to prom, the junior class council has been working to build decorations and plan the dance. Each weekend, juniors have come to Broughton to help cut, paint, and assemble pieces to include in the decorations.

“I am excited to see how all of the juniors’ hard work pays off at prom. They have worked hard and are very excited about the new lighting and decorations that will be displayed this year,” junior class advisor Mr. Jenkins said.

“I can’t wait to see how all of our hard work pays off at prom. I think the decorations are going to look and amazing and the night will be a blast for everyone,” junior class council member Schuyler Weisel said.

During the night, juniors and seniors at prom are able to take a break from their dancing and vote on Prom King and Prom Queen. Seniors nominate their classmates to be voted on, and the final votes are cast and counted during the dance. At the end of the night, this year’s Prom King and Queen will be crowned in front of the crowd.

“Prom was so fun last year. DJ Animal was great and I loved being able to show off my dance moves. I am so excited to go again this year,” senior Brooks Palmer said.

Tickets for prom are on sale now through Friday for $15 each. They are on sale before school, after school, and during both lunches.