Seeing double

Whoa, didn’t I just see him? Wait, what about her? Am I seeing doubles?

There are many sets of twins at our school.

What would it be like having a twin brother or sister at your school?

Some people may not know that the person standing next to them in the hallway looks identical to the person walking in the opposite direction.

On the first day of school you could have Peter in one of your classes. You and Peter become friends quickly.

The next day you think you have another class with Peter. You approach him and say hello to him but he says his name is David. You are confused.

Your new friend has changed his name. As you stand there confused, David tells you that Peter is his twin brother.

Seniors Peter and David Winter are identical twins. Both are on the soccer team. People often mix them up.

Not all twins look identical though.

Sophomores Lanier and Hayes Derbyshire are twins.

Both were born on the same day, from the same mother, minutes apart yet, yet they don’t look related.

“I think it is a lot of fun having twin brothers. We are close in age and know a lot of the same people. This makes it easier for all three of us to connect,” freshman Belle Derbyshire, sister of the Derbyshire twins, said.

Ironically the Derbyshire twins are best friends with the sophomore Holmes twins, Stuart and James.

“It’s not that hard being a twin. I am the alpha twin and James cannot beat me in anything,” sophomore Stuart Holmes said.

There are also twins at our school that are not the same gender.

Sophomores Georgia and Luke Davis, freshman Leslie and Grace Boney, seniors Sarah and Adam Huggins and seniors Chandler and Rollings Freeman are all twins, yet different genders.

“The main benefit of having a twin brother is that it’s like having a built in friend. He always has my back and is always close by if I need him. He can help me with the same age point of view and also the different gender point of view.” Senior Sarah Huggins said.

While it is nothing you can choose, some may say having a twin is the best thing. Others may say having a sibling in the same grade gives you less personal space. Either way, a twin is a lifelong friend.