Alice in Wonderland senior QOH choice

Queen of Hearts Abby Bugger will rule over the Alice in Wonderland-themed Queen of Hearts Feb. 6-7.

Bugger was voted QOH by the student body in a December election.

The theme was decided at the Senior Breakfast in October.

“The senior breakfast is important because it allows us to get together as a senior class and take care of handing out t-shirts, voting for the QOH themes, and making sure all seniors are motivated to graduate,” senior class president Emma Wilson said.

The senior class council discusses themes and decides on the top three, that they present to the senior class at the breakfast.

“We take into account the most popular and creative ideas presented by the class council members and then choose three to present to the whole senior class,” Wilson said.

The senior class then votes on these themes and the theme with the most votes is chosen.

The winning theme, and the theme of this year’s Queen of Hearts Dance is Alice in Wonderland.

The other two theme options that didn’t receive as many votes were Around the World and Dr. Suess.

Not everyone agreed that this was the best choice.

“I think Around the World would’ve been a good theme because it would’ve given us the opportunity to experience different aspects of other cultures through the different ‘stops’ along the ‘journey’,” senior Jabar Zalal said.

“Dr. Seuss is a part of everyone’s childhood, no matter who you are, so it would have been a good way of connecting the entire Broughton community. I also think it would have made for cool decorations and a funny skit,” senior Sam Holden said.

Principal Steve Mares then addressed the seniors, speaking about the importance of graduating and how to make sure that everyone graduated.

He said that 20 to 25 percent of the senior class would likely not graduate and that he wanted to do as much as he could to prevent this.

He then gave the seniors the last 20 minutes to do as they pleased in the gym before they were released to their next period or lunch.

“After the senior assembly, there is a senior lunch on the football field that everyone participates in as a final event before graduation.”

The Queen of Hearts court has also been chosen.

The freshman class is represented by Annabelle Corchiani, Lily Crofton, Belle Derbyshire, and Dominique Dupree.

The sophomore class is represented by Skylar Fisher, Brinn McNutt, Ryan Murphy, MacK- enzie Parker, Hunter Schafer, and Lawson Strickland.

The junior class is represented by Elizabeth Bunn, Jada Coleman, Brooke Davis, Destiny Dupree, Ella Gilliam, Lily Highsmith, Daisy King, and Lily Revels.

Seniors are represented by Ciandra Clarke, Parker Coggins, Alex Doherty, Chandler Freeman, Olivia Joyner, Mary Dare Martin, Lydia Trogdon, Ashley Villanova, and Emma Wilson.

The Queen of Hearts will have two maids of honor, seniors Diona Payne and Sallie Allen.